SI Metric-Matters

The Author

Philip BladonPhilip Bladon is from Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. He was inspired to compile A Dictionary Of International Units after seeing mistakes on road signs and in other places where  metric symbols were inkorrect.

I was working as a teacher in Papua New Guinea, and like elsewhere, some students were writing ‘Kg’ instead of ‘kg’ and ‘Km’ instead of ‘km’.

Philip Bladon worked overseas for many years and besides teaching science he was a school administrator.

When I decided to write a book I didn’t want it to be a large technical reference work and expensive like some official publications, so I decided on the idea of a dictionary with words and symbols.

He believes that the book is also a ‘tool’ to help people to ‘think metric’ especially those in non-metric nations. It will assist them to move further forward towards full metrication and use a single rational system of measurement.

Philip Bladon said it would be great news if international broadcasters like the BBC serving an international audience always remembered to use metric units.

He doesn’t play Scrabble® very often, however he is glad that his book is helping players of that game to discover more words and get higher scores.

Philip is a member of several professional associations, these include:

He is also a member of Mensa, and supports the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent movement.