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Today there isn't a Unit of the day, instead 'the space' is considered. When values are written with symbols a space should be left between the numerical value and the unit symbol.
Examples: one newton = 1 N (not '1N')
ten newtons = 10 N (not '10N')
thirty four point eight one millimetres = 34.81 mm (not '34.81mm')
In this last example a dot is used to show the decimal sign/marker.
In some countries a comma is used as the decimal sign/marker. More information about this will be found in the book ĎA Dictionary Of International Unitsí by Philip Bladon.

Compared to the large, expensive, and technical ISO documents from Geneva this dictionary provides information on SI (metric) units in a clear, interesting and non-technical way, it is good value.

International Units and their symbols - an international language.

A new handy book that's  becoming a standard reference work on SI (metric) units, it explains things clearly in an interesting and non-technical way.

It's not just a reference book for High School science students; Primary, and Junior School teachers around the world are also  are using it.  A section of this small handy  book provides a simple guide to writing metric names and symbols correctly.

It's a fascinating and unusual book  PLUS  'A delight for trivia and Scrabble® buffs.'

A Dictionary Of International Units Metric-Matters: Names and Symbols

Philip Bladon. 2005, Second Edition 2006  
Published: iUniverse.

ISBN: 13: 978-0-595-37115-0  (paperback)
ISBN: 13: 978-0-595-81515-9  (ebook)

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